CBD Influencer Marketing (A Complete Guide)

CBD Influencer Marketing is the key to success if you really want to make an impact as a CBD business-owner.

Over the last few years, the CBD business has seriously evolved. Because of legalization and demand, companies are trying to enter this new market to establish themselves early on. As a result, a consumer often gets confused with so many brands and companies to choose from for their wellness, beauty, and pet care CBD products.

Today the key to success is mostly found online. So as to make your brand unique and to stand out from the crowd, you might want to try CBD Influencer Marketing. Here we are going to discuss the benefits of CBD Influencer Marketing and how you can use this strategy correctly.

The Shifting Cannabis Market

Governments around the world have made it possible for the Cannabis market to grow tremendously. One of the main reasons for this expansion is the medical benefits cannabis can provide to people in need. Hence, many people use cannabis-based medicine for therapeutic benefits as well.

2018 Farm Bill completely change the CBD market by making the following changes in the law.

  • Hemp that contains less than .3 THC was legalized, which in turn made CBD legal so long as it followed those limits. 
  • Allowed the transfer of hemp-made products for personal or commercial reasons.
  • Lifted restrictions on sale, possession, or transport of hemp-made products.  
  • Promoted wide-scale hemp cultivation.

In reality, this was a dream come true for medical organizations and businesses, and it changed the market growth of CBD.

Why CBD Influencer Marketing Is Important

CBD Influencer Marketing is a great way to make your presence online and to establish your brand among the consumers. So this tactic works well to increase brand awareness and to grow business rapidly.

The Influencer Approach

Digital personalities have become quite significant in marketing over recent years, and this strategy is known as influencer marketing. It is a type of marketing that works effectively on people because of trust and connection with the influencer. According to an Adweek report, 57% of online users said they are willing to see sponsored content as long as it includes authentic personalities and is useful and entertaining.

By hiring an influencer to be your CBD brand ambassador, whether it is for short term or long term, you will have advantages over your competitors. It is mostly because they have built an audience that is connected to them and trust on the products they share on their pages. Not to mention, they have far more reach of engagement than a traditional advertisement.

Here are some critical points to understand the importance of CBD Influencer Marketing.

  • Influence marketing delivers 11 times more ROI than a traditional marketing method.
  • Twitter users report a 5.2X surge in purchase intent when open to promotional content from influencers. 
  • Moreover, 71% of marketers believe that ongoing ambassadorships are the most in effect form of influencer marketing.
  • 49% of people say they rely on endorsements from influencers when making buying decisions.

Micro-Influencers for CBD Influencer Marketing

CBD brands can get the expertise of both larger and micro-influencers, depending on the size of the marketing budget they have. For CBD influencer marketing, you should consider hiring micro-influencers, it is good to find the ones who are already working with CBD in any shape or way. Furthermore, you can find the influencers who are connected to the health and wellness sectors, or those who are directly involved in cannabis-based medications or treatments.

Mirco-influencers might have less audience than a larger influencer, but their engagement rate is higher. They can post videos about highlighting the benefits of CBD and can add a link of CBD company to their Instagram bio, boosting the web traffic.

The following are the benefits of hiring a micro-influencer for your brand.

  • Posting about the CBD on their social media platforms.
  • Making the video about the benefits of CBD and showing how to use it.
  • Tweeting deals, promotions, and offers.

Whether it is a significant influencer or Micro-influencer, CBD Influencer Marketing is going to help your business in unique ways, and your consumers will grow at a much faster rate.

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